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Finding internships without experience can be tough, but Billet's virtual internships help boost your skills for better job prospects.

Your gateway to quality virtual internships.

Immersive simulated projects

Select from a range of projects tailored for all skill levels. Whether you're diving into a beginner's challenge for 2 months, an intermediate project spanning 4 months, or tackling an expert-level endeavor lasting 6 months, there's a simulated early career program waiting for you.

Peer review

Share your accomplishments and challenges on our dedicated Discord channel.

Engage in peer-to-peer reviews, network with others who've completed similar projects, and learn from each other's experiences.

Showcase your experience

Add your experience to your CV, highlighting your key tasks, accomplishments, and the tools you mastered.  

Get matched with a team

For collaborative projects, we'll match you with a diverse team, bringing together talents like front-end developers, backend developers, UX/UI designers, and QA engineers.

If you go for an individual project, you'll be the lead, steering the ship toward success.

Complete projects

Master sticking to deadlines and working in teams. Use our time tracker for Work Integrated Learning, ensuring you log every moment invested in your project.

Experience Real-World Projects and Transform Your Skills!

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