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Finding jobs and internships without experience can be tough. But don't worry—Billet is here to help you enhance your skills and gain valuable experience to improve your job prospects.

How does the Billet platform work?

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1. Create Your Account

Sign up with your details, verify your email, and complete a brief onboarding. This helps us understand your goals for using Billet and tailor the platform to your needs.

2. Explore Projects

Discover curated projects tailored for software development and data careers, ranging in difficulty and duration. Each project comes with a detailed brief outlining objectives and skills you'll gain.

Whether you're building a landing page or designing the UI for a mobile banking app, there's something to spark your creativity.

3. Dive into Your Project

Once you've selected a project, enter your workspace for a brief intro and a breakdown of tasks. Dive right in and stick to deadlines to enhance your time management skills.

While there are no facilitators or supervisors, you'll find assistance through tutorials, guides, peer support, to help you along the way.

4. Showcase Your Project & Get Feedback

After completing your project, you may need to submit a short video detailing your process and insights, or deliver a presentation. This step is crucial for honing your presentation and communication skills.

Next, share your project with our Slack community for peer review. Our team will also evaluate it using tailored success metrics and scoring rubrics to provide you with a performance score.

Dive into Real-World
Projects and Boost Your Skills!

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The Billet Advantage

Imagine a library where you have different sections covering various topics, from accounting to history. Within these sections, there are books on diverse subjects that you can browse, read, and learn from.

In our case, Billet is the library, and the books are projects. Each project offers a unique learning experience, allowing you to gain practical skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

Through these projects, you can build a strong resume, gain valuable work experience, and prepare yourself for the job market.

📣Fit for Students, Grads, & Self-Taught Pros!

Projects for the Future-Ready.

Choose from a variety of projects tailored to all skill levels, from beginner to expert, with durations from one to three months. Each project is reviewed by our independent consultants to ensure they meet industry standards.

Learn on Your Own. Grow together.

Even while working solo, you can tap into our Slack community to share your challenges and wins. Join in peer-to-peer reviews, network with others who’ve tackled similar projects, and learn from their experiences.

Showcase or Demo Your Projects.

Top performers get the spotlight! Your projects can be showcased on our platform for potential employers and collaborators to see. Plus, we host quarterly demo days, both in person and virtually, where you can present your project and demonstrate your skills to an engaged audience.

Track Your Progress.

Watch your skills grow with every project you complete. Our detailed performance reports highlight your strengths and show where you can improve.

Fit for Students, Grads, & Aspiring Pros! 📣

Learn Independently. Grow Collaboratively.

Select from a range of projects tailored for all skill levels. Whether you're diving into a beginner's challenge for 2 months, an intermediate project spanning 4 months, or tackling an expert-level endeavor lasting 6 months, there's a simulated early career program waiting for you.

Peer review

Share your accomplishments and challenges on our dedicated Discord channel.

Engage in peer-to-peer reviews, network with others who've completed similar projects, and learn from each other's experiences.

Showcase your experience

Add your experience to your CV, highlighting your key tasks, accomplishments, and the tools you mastered.  

Get matched with a team

For collaborative projects, we'll match you with a diverse team, bringing together talents like front-end developers, backend developers, UX/UI designers, and QA engineers.

If you go for an individual project, you'll be the lead, steering the ship toward success.

Complete projects

Master sticking to deadlines and working in teams. Use our time tracker for Work Integrated Learning, ensuring you log every moment invested in your project.

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