Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Billet offers a revolutionary approach to internships, providing students with practical experiences through simulated early career programs.

Improve your university's standing

Partnering with Billet opens doors to a new era of internships for your university. By joining hands with us, your institution becomes a hub for innovation, preparing students for industries with real-world projects vetted by industry experts.

How does the Billet platform work?

Account creation

Billet offers personalized onboarding, ensuring a smooth setup process for educational institutions. Our team guides you through 1-on-1 institution registration, providing assistance with account setup, contact information, and student onboarding details. Once registered, gain access to an admin dashboard for seamless management.

Student Enrollment

Students receive email invitations to join Billet's platform, simplifying the enrollment process. They create profiles, providing essential information for project allocation and collaboration.

Project Oversight

Faculty members gain access to an admin dashboard for project oversight. Monitor student engagement, track task completion, and assess project progress in real-time. Review student portfolios to evaluate practical skills gained through simulated internships.

Payment and Billing

Billet offers flexible billing options based on the number of students onboarded. Educational institutions are billed on a per-seat basis, ensuring fair and transparent pricing for the services used.

Experiential Learning

Billet's simulated early career programs bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering students real-world projects vetted by industry experts.

Prepare your students for the demands of the workforce with practical experience that enhances their employability and career prospects.

Features for Higher Education Institutions

Billet HEI Platform

Book a demo today and experience Billet's HEI Platform firsthand. Our team provides a virtual walkthrough, 1-on-1 consultations, and a step-by-step guide for seamless onboarding, ensuring the best experience for educators and students alike.

Real-time Student Monitoring

Monitor student performance in real time with Billet's intuitive dashboard. Track students' progress, engagement, and skill development as they navigate simulated early career programs. Use insights to inform curriculum decisions and enhance learning outcomes.

Experience the Future of Learning

Discover the power of practical experience with Billet. Schedule a demo today to see how our platform can propel your institution into the future. Let's shape tomorrow's leaders together!

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